A collective of professionals in areas of marketing, strategy, communications, PR, advertising, design, digital engineering and film production. We’ve worked with agencies and direct with some of the biggest global brands in addition to brands just establishing themselves in the global market.


Create effective media that will help your brand get noticed by buyers and consumers alike. We specialize in B2B strategy and communications to get your brand on the shelf, and then events, digital applications and social media to help your brand fly off the shelf and into the hands of consumers.

Communications, Copy Writing & Content Creation

With over 20 years’ experience writing, publishing and creating digital content in addition to teaching and managing teams of writers, editors and communications/marketing professionals, Wendy Morley can manage pretty much any project that uses words. Her ample experience as managing director, business owner and marketing consultant help her to bring a strong business sense, brand awareness and marketing know-how to her writing. She has a solid team of writers and editors at her fingertips, and oversees every word.

Events, Activations & Social Media

Creating excitement around new launches or just generating more buzz around your brands requires on-point events and the social media strategy and execution that gets the word out to consumers and stakeholders. With our experience in producing everything from small press events to airport activations to launch parties and full-blown festivals, and with Calibre Creative’s excellence in bringing the magic to video, you’ll have plenty of exciting material for websites and social media, which we can also manage.

Video Production & Photography

Producer, Director and Top Photographer Grant Padley has a knack for creating stunning visuals with rock-solid execution over his over-20-year professional history. Regularly leaving clients delighted with his work, Grant has made many long-lasting relationships in a multitude of sectors. With an unparalleled expertise in fashion, beauty, retail and lifestyle video production, Grant has consistently garnered superior results. In addition to shooting advertising, launch events and more for a who’s who of blue chip clients, he has regularly been in charge of video production and photography for the annual FDFA convention.

GTR 360

GTR360 Ltd was established to help airlines, concessionaires and brands meet their full profit potential and achieve performance excellence.

Since its inception, GTR 360 has worked with brands in the development and implementation of their international airline and airport retail expansion strategies, with airlines to improve the profitability of their operations, and with concessionaires to improve the performance of their service offering and drive profitability for them and their partners.

See more at www.GTR360.com

Custom Application Software

Globally, smartphone and tablet penetration is growing daily. In a number of countries and age groups, well over 80% of the population own smartphones, and that number is even higher with travelers.

Interactivity is critical for success in consumer marketing, and everything from launches, activations and other marketing events can be augmented with bespoke applications that reinforce the message you are trying to get across.

From branded games to simultaneous automatically translated launch parties at opposite ends of the world to anything else you might dream up, we can create software not just branded for you but made specifically for your brand, and geared towards your marketing needs.

Translation, localization and interpretation

A global industry must be capable of skilled communication in any number of languages, whether that’s for business-to-business messaging—including informational material, business meetings, emails and phone calls—or for business-to-consumer messaging—including advertising, marketing materials, product labels or any other form of communication.

Being able to converse in a language is not the same thing as being able to communicate effectively, with nuance, localization and effortlessness. Therefore, along with quality translation and interpretation, we offer localization, multilingual and multicultural communications and media services in over 150 languages, to ensure an accurate message.